Skyroot Aerospace

Skyroot is building India's first privately built Space Launch-Vehicles and Rockets.
Pawan and Bharath, co-founders of Skyroot, are both former scientists of ISRO. They have built a world class team of rocket scientists and engineers with rich experience in the industry. Skyroot’s vision is to democratize space and create a future where spaceflight is as economic and reliable as air-flight. Skyroot is quickly gaining momentum and is nationally recognized by the Government of India and ISRO.

Bharath Daka (L), Pawan Chandana (R)
“Fantastic support overall and also our pillar of strength during hard times. Each interaction gives us critical insights. We are greatly benefited from the Meraki network.”


Skyroot Interacts with Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi

Skyroot successfully test fires India’s first privately-made solid rocket stage

With a Simpler Rocket, Skyroot is Eyeing the Space

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Pawan Chandana, Bharath Daka
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